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You may be looking for awards for your business event or a special award for your team, but are unsure which type to choose? You may be interested in etched crystal awards, art glass awards, or custom engraved clocks. You may also want to consider Art glass or crystal trophies. Whatever your choice, Awards TrophyWorld can meet your needs. Browse the selection of award plaques, awards, desk accessories, and more. Award Trophies can supply your logo on promotional products as well.

Custom engraved clock awards

Personalized clock awards are a fantastic choice for corporate or employee recognition programs. They combine old-world style with modern functionality. An employee recognition award can be given with a clock that reflects their achievements at home, creating a more personalized gift. Employee recognition awards can also be given as retirement presents or as appreciation rewards for long service. As a business gift, custom engraved clocks are a perfect choice. Listed below are some of the benefits of presenting employee recognition awards with these clocks.

Top entertainment awards | Enter a World of Luxury Custom Trophies & Awards

If you’re trying to decide on the perfect corporate awards for your recipients, remember that there are many options available. When choosing an award, you should be clear on what you’re looking for. While some companies order custom awards several weeks in advance, others require 24-hour turnaround. Make sure you know exactly what your deadline is before you start the ordering process. Ask about the time involved, and if an art design is involved. If you’re concerned about timing, consider hiring a clock vendor that can meet your needs.

Traveling trophies

Using traveling trophies to recognize team achievements is an excellent way to reward outstanding performance and create a positive atmosphere. These awards are usually inexpensive and can be handed down to future generations. You can select a variety of materials, such as crystal, gold, silver, or plastic. They are also a great way to reward a preset champion. When designing a traveling trophy program, keep these things in mind:

If you are looking for a trophy that’s unique and has a long history, you can choose from a variety of designs and materials. Many traveling trophies are customizable with engraving, and some are even available with your choice of trophy figure. You can also order a custom trophy for most sports or specialty needs. The possibilities are endless. To make the right traveling trophy for your team, contact us today! While traveling trophies are an excellent choice for any event, there are many other types of award options available.

Art glass trophies

If you are planning to present an award at a special ceremony, art glass trophies are a perfect option. Glass trophies can be crafted from thick sheets of float glass and shaped into different shapes. They come in a variety of colors and weights. Glass trophies can be personalized with the recipient’s name and message. These glass trophies are highly unique and are an excellent choice for any special occasion.

This kind of award is handmade and will have a high level of quality. They come with deep etched designs or logos that will provide striking beauty to the recipient. The shape of the glass trophy is also customizable, so you can create the perfect award for your needs. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of colors and sizes to suit your requirements and budget. A personalized gift box is also included in the price. Aside from being unique, these glass trophies are also great for corporate and business events.

Crystal trophies

If you’d like to award a special achievement to a special person or group, you should consider giving one of the world’s finest recognition prizes – crystal trophies. These beautiful, timeless pieces of glassware are etched with a customized design. You can choose to have the award engraved with a personal message, which adds a touch of class and sophistication to the award. Whether you’re looking for something more formal or an award for an employee, crystal can motivate your workforce and help them maximize their potential.

Despite the fact that glass and acrylic are clear materials, they’re not as aesthetically beautiful as pure optical crystal. You can determine which is which by making a simple test. A glass trophy will produce a short clanking sound, while a crystal one will create a melodic ring, which fades with time. In addition, both types of awards look a bit different when they’re viewed. If you want to give a crystal trophy, you can select the one that reflects the light from the best.

Acrylic star awards

Acrylic star awards make great award trophies, and the B Hive Awards store carries many different styles. The acrylic star awards are perfect for letting recipients know that they’re the number one! These awards come in a wide variety of designs, and some of the award trophies even come with free shipping and engraving! You’ll love the quality and durability of these acrylic trophies, and they’re sure to be the talk of the meeting!

There are many different types of star trophies, including paperweights and engraved stars. Small stars are popular, and are one-inch thick, making them affordable for most recipients. Many stars are engraved free of charge, and if you want them engraved for a small fee, you can get them in a rush service for even faster delivery! Whatever the reason, star trophies will be eye-catching and perfect for your next event!

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